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Christian_Lester.khun WATTPAD PLAGIARIST

Age is not an excuse not to know that when you take something that is not yours, you will be punished.

Date : 052714
Person who found it : Cecilia - Author of Lovely Chef

Dear Christian,

You are still young. But I can see from your facebook posts that you have finished one level of education. And I believe that when I was your age I already knew one truth.

That stealing is wrong.

When did I learn that? Kinder.

It's not too bad that you actually try to tell other people that they steal other people's stories like your post on Love by the Rules. But you shamefully overlooked the fact that all the things you posted on your WORKS are actually novels of OTHER WRITERS.

Whatever excuse you might end up coming up with all of us, TOPpers and admins, just want one thing.
For you to stop this behavior and take down our writers' novels from your wattpad.

And rest assured if you do this again, we will find it again. And we will have this same shame round about posting things that are not your own.

Of course we have to reach out first before we report you. But even if you are online you are not replying. So I had to put my skip tracing skills into good use.

Just so you know Wattpad has been informed regarding this and the actual writers will be reporting you shortly.


ORIGINAL HERE : http://tagalogonlinepocketbook.wordpress.com/category/you-are-my-sky-france/

WORD of CAUTION : If you are going to plagiarize. DO NOT LINK YOUR SNS or your real Facebook account to your Wattpad account. You make it too easy. 


Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Lovely Chef Plagiarist

Found : Sept 2013 By : Cecilia

This one apparently is older.

I am very accommodating of people who want to be recognized for the things they have done. So let's accommodate her, shall we?



Finding Rico Plagiarist 2013

FOUND Sept 15, 2013.
REPORTED BY : Cecilia (actual Author)

Wattpad is a great place to read novels for free. You can also download the story into your mobile so you can read it offline. So the action of this one person now possibly made copies of this stories and made others accomplices to her plagiarism.

Sinning on your own is bad enough but making others do the same is just plain uncivilized. NOT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS FOR YOU TO CLAIM.

Magbasa-basa ng mga rules ng wattpad pag me time.



++++ I clicked on the report link +++

I am reporting the following content:
 http://www.wattpad.com/7955822-finding-rico as the original work of this writer.

The original writer of this novel posted her work in our writing group's archive.

She was the one who found this particular copy online and had reported the same thing. I am the editor-in-chief for our writing group. We are already on the way to selling e-books ourselves as well as getting more writers to get published. As small as our operation may seem to the scale Wattpad and some local writers from Wattpad here in the Philippines would seem but we value the effort of our writers.

Please help us get this copy off the site.

Thank you so much.

Nina Rita Simon
EIC Tagalog Online Pocketbook

***I made the mistake but I can't correct it. I should have said that this is NOT the original work of this writer*** BABO-ya, Pinaywriter!


Saturday, June 22, 2013


Disclaimer : Mga simpleng alam ko lang ang nasa blog na ito. Compilation ng mga naalala ko pa from my college educ pero kung me additional info kayo or correction, palagay na lang sa comment at I will add it here accordingly. Wag sana tayong troll. These info are posted here for TOPpers and writers from TOP. If you are neither, feel free to be high and might somewhere else. Ktnx.



Kung English ang ginamit na language no need to say that it was said in English. If the sentence you wrote is in Filipino kasi in general ang conversation nila is in *insert whatever foreign language your character speaks*, ok lang not to mention it after that. Adjusted na sa isip ng mga readers mo that the characters are speaking in *that foreign language* after you mention it once na they are speaking in that language to each other. 

*established na that si BB Bidang Boi ay Korean*


"Ano bang problema mo sa akin?" sigaw nito sa sariling wika. 

"Marami! Maraming marami akong problema sa iyo!" sagot niya sa kaparehong wika. 

"Ano nga?" angil ni Kevin. 

"Maraming maraming nagkakagusto sa iyo. Nasasaktan ako." sinisinok na sagot niya. 

Tila natameme ang lalaki sa sinabi niya. Saka dahan-dahang nilapitan siya nito. Di siya makatingin sa mukha nito kaya't sa Doc Martens nito siya nakipag-usap. "Hindi ko na kayang magtiis. Gusto ko akin ka lang."

Naramdaman niya ang pagyakap nito sa kanya. "Pabo. Ikaw lang ang sarang ko. Sila, ssaeng fans lang. Ako. Ako lang ang may bias sa iyo. Sila tagapalakpak lang." 

Kailangang ilagay sa narration in italics ung translations ng mga foreign words and sentences. Pero shempre kakamatay na isulat un in that language then use Filipino.
Mention the shift in the language only if the Filipino dialogue was meant to be in
another language.

fictional example : The man is Korean. The woman is American.

"Shibal!" napamura si Yongji sa sobrang galit. "Hindi ko alam kung pano ko pang
ipapaliwanag sa iyo na wala akong relasyon sa babaeng un." patuloy nito sa sariling

"What did you just say to me?" hinarap ni Sara ang binata. "Wag mo akong ma-Hangul
hangul na lintik ka dahil baka ikaw ang magkanosebleed kapag nag-English ako ng
diretso." sa sobrang inis ay hindi na niya napansin na nag-Hangul na rin siya.

"Sorry ha, kapag lasing o galit na galit ka nga lang pala magaling mag-Hanggul.
Fine. I'll speak plain. How many freaking times do I have to tell you that I don't
have a relationship or never had one with that woman? I love you. I have a
relationship with you! Gets mo na?"

***TRILINGUAL characters or bilingual characters are hard to deal with. And you
need to remember your readers ALWAYS. Make your story readable and understandable.
Romance is a nobrainer read. But that doesn't mean your readers are dumb. But
romance should be an easy read not a JRR Tolkein one.

Romance is in POPULAR Filipino. 70% if not 80% if it should be in Filipino.


Disclaimer : Mga simpleng alam ko lang ang nasa blog na ito. Compilation ng mga naalala ko pa from my college educ pero kung me additional info kayo or correction, palagay na lang sa comment at I will add it here accordingly. Wag sana tayong troll. These info are posted here for TOPpers and writers from TOP. If you are neither, feel free to be high and might somewhere else. Ktnx.

Here we go.

Minsan kasi more more dialogue lang sa story. This is not ok.

Remember that there should be more SHOW then there are TELLs in your story. When you state a fact that is a TELL when you describe the surrounding and the emotion of the characters or make them move a certain way to show how they are really feeling versus the dialogue then you give the reader a mental picture, that's a SHOW.

It's ok to make it long muna then shorten it later. But if your narrative lacks visualization mejo bulag din ung reader mo. Kulang sila sa kakayahang MAKITA ang mundong sinulat mo. Remember that THEY CAN NOT READ YOUR MIND. Sa isip nating mga writers malinaw nating nakikita ang mundong ginagalawan ng ating mga characters BUT unless na isulat mo iyon sa narration mo, hindi un malalaman ng readers.

Maraming mga writers lalo na online na tinitipid ang mga narration ng kanilang kwento. Bad un. I personally write lang mga scenes na sunud-sunod ang dialogue pag me sense of urgency sa conversation nila. 
Usually script like dialogues happen when the people talking are doing it so fast
that the reader must read the dialogues right after each other.

i.e. fictional - away

"I don't understand this. Why would you do this?" naiiyak na tanong ni Ruru kay
"Because you are lying to me!" galit nitong sagot sa kanya.
"I am not lying to you!"
"You are!"
"I'm not!"
"Then tell me that you are not in love with my cousin! Tell me and I would stop
hurting. I would stop hurting so much that I want to hurt him too."
Natahimik si Ruru sa sinabi ni Scott. She didn't know that he knew about her
"Tell me that you don't love him and I would stay."
"I can't..."
Kitang-kita niya ang paglaglag ng balikat ng dating minamahal. And it tore her
heart. Hindi niya inakalang masasaktan niya ito ng ganun ganun na lamang. She was
hurting too. Pero hindi pwedeng paasahin niya ito sa wala. Nalilito man siya sa
nararamdaman niya para kay Toshi pero alam niyang hindi na niya mahal si Scott.
Akmang hahawakan niya si Scott pero naglakad ito patalikod para iwasan siya. One
step back that ended her resolve. He was giving up on her, nakikita niya sa mata
nitong wala na itong gana pang ipagpatuloy na ipaglaban ang relasyon nila, ang
damdamin nito.
"I'm sorry, Scott."
"You should be." pagkuwa'y tumalikod na ang binata at tuluyan nang nawala sa
kanyang buhay.

***if you notice the script like parts are for rapid and very emotional scenes most
of the time. It is necessary for the lines to be read right after each other
because the narration breaks the flow of the emotion. So don't do this script- like
thing unless in a similar situation

ie. dying person

"Don't leave me." naiiyak na usal ni Sasha.
"I'm sorry I can't stay..."
"Don't leave me...please, Josh! Josh, please...please don't die."
"I'll love you..." napa-ubo ito pero nagpatuloy pa rin, "...always." dahan-dahang
bumagal ang paghinga nito.
Bumuka ang bibig nito na wari ba ang nagsasabi ng always
"Jooooooooooooooossssssssh!" hindi niya matanggap na wala na ito. Always meant
nothing kung wala na ito sa tabi niya. Always was just another broken promise like


POV and Voices

Honestly I don't know what they are called officially but for this part let's just call POV the general way the story is told. In TOP novels it's best to place them in The 3rd person or the Niya POV.

Then there is the person whose "voice" or point of reference is used for the said chapter. *that is not the official name for it pero I am sure someone would correct me and I can change that later.

Reminder : MAX of TWO voices in the story. The Bidang Girl - BG and the Bidang Boy - BB.

Pero minsan gusto ng writer me 2 voices sa isang chapter pero isa dito hindi si BG or BB. Pero dapat the world in the story revolves around the BG and the BB lang. Kung papano nila nauunawaan at nakikita ang mundong ginagalawan nila ganun dapat. UNLESS me pangyayari na revealed lang sa reader para magprogress ang story. At usually iyon ay para naman umusad ang aksyon. Para malaman ng readers na nasa panganib ang mga characters o magreveal ng mga possible obstacle sa buhay ni BG at ni BB.

DAPAT SA UNA PA LANG NAKAPILI KA NA kung sinong pinakabida mo si BB ba o si BG. para ung voice na ang dominant sa story mo.


NAKITA ni Ruru ang pagkapanalo ng manlalarong nasa bandang kanan. Narining niya ang
sigawan ng mga fans nito.

"That's my cousin!" sigaw ng kanyang kasintahan. Kita sa mukha ni Scott na proud na proud ito sa pinsan. Lumapit ito sa kanila saka nag-bow ng parang naka-90 degrees, tanda ng labis na paggalang sa Japan. Nag-bow rin siya dito bilang pagbati.
"Ruru, this is my cousin Toshi, Toushiro Yamagi. Toshi, this is by beloved Ruru, Rusandra Montenegro soon to be Greyson." naramdaman niya ang pagpisil ng kasintahan sa kanyang balikat nang akbayan siya nito.
HINDI maintindihan ni Scott kung bakit tila kakaiba ang nararamdaman niya mula nang lumapit ang kanyang pinsan sa kanila ni Ruru. Malapit siya sa pinsan niya at ito ang lagi niyang kinakamusta sa mga kapamilya kapag nasa Japan siya. It could be the way that he was looking at her o sadyang kinakabahan lang siya tuwinang may humahanga sa kanyang nobya.
Pero dahil na rin sa nararamdaman niyang iyon, napagpasyahan niyang ituloy na ang proposal niya mamayang gabi. Mahirap na ang may makasingit pa. Kahit na pinsan pa niya hindi niya mapapatawad kapag dumiga ito sa kanyang minamahal. Ruru is his and he was hers for keeps.
NANIKIP ang dibdib ni Toshi nang makita ang pagpisil ng pinsan niya sa balikat ni
Rusandra. Kilala niyang hindi possessive sa mga babae ang pinsan pero mukhang iba na itong si Ruru. Sinubukan niyang hindi mahalata ng pinsan na hindi niya nagustuhan ang PDA nito kaya't nakangiti pa rin siyang humarap ulit dito. "Mukhang na-starstruck na si Toushiro!" biro ng kanyang coach.

Teaser Example : Crimson Love

This is just an example
Check the HOW TO HERE to get more info 

Ever1 : (EIC version one) Example with a question in the end - Le Hook
Toushiro Yamagi fell for Rusandra "Ruru" Montenegro after meeting her in Tokyo Japan. Ruru was caught between Toshi's (or whatever his nickname is) persistent love and the respect she had for her boyfriend, Scott Greyson, Toshi's cousin.

Would she risk her heart with Toshi or stay with Scott's comforting arms?

Ever2: Example with a declarative sentence where the main character needs to make a choice between two people or two really bad situations.
Loving two men was never a part of Ruru's plans. She was perfectly fine loving Scott Greyson and had been dreaming of turning Rusandra Montenegro to Rusandra Greyson soon. That was before Soctt's cousin Toushiro Yamagi came into her life.

Now she needs to chose which one to keep, the man who loved her or the man who made her heart beat fast again.

Ever3: Example with lines from the story
Toushiro Yamagi was caught in a rock and a hard place. The woman he loved is his favorite cousin's girlfriend. Rusandra Montenegro was a proper lady, the kind that was for keeps. But how could he keep her in his life when she was never his in the first place?

“G-give me back my kiss.” maktol na sabi pa ni Ruru kay Toushiro.

"Don't worry, I'll give it back with interest."

I hope this was able to help you! <3